1. How to Choose a Dentist

    The staff and dentists at East Pershing Dental understand that there are no shortage of options in Cheyenne when it comes to choosing your family’s dentist. But we also know what it takes for a dentist to be great. After being in the industry for decades, we have provided countless patients with dental cleanings, extractions, cavity fillings, and more. And so we want to make it easier for you as…Read More

  2. Tips For Keeping a Regular Dentist Appointment

    Even as adults, there seem to be certain things that we dread doing — filing taxes, doing the dishes, getting haircuts, and of course, going to the dentist. It’s all too common for people to schedule an appointment for a dental cleaning and then keep rescheduling because something always comes up. And when you finally make it in and sit in the chair for 45 minutes, it never seems that bad. And…Read More

  3. What You Need To Know About Tooth Extractions

    Preserving your teeth is a dentist’s top priority because natural teeth make chewing, biting, and speaking effortless, but there are occasions where teeth need to be removed. While it is common for adults to have their wisdom teeth removed, when and why are tooth extractions necessary? If you’re battling about whether to see a dentist about a chipped or cracked tooth, don’t hesitate! At East…Read More

  4. Everything You Want to Know About Wisdom Teeth

    In a previous blog, we went over some common tooth milestones that infants, children, and seniors go through, such as teeth emerging through the gums, falling out, and developing wisdom teeth. We briefly went over this last milestone, and because so many people aren’t sure what to do about these wise teeth, or why they have a place in your mouth in the first place, we wanted to dedicate a whole …Read More

  5. Your Teeth Through the Years

    There are a lot of changes that everyone goes through as they grow older — walking, middle school, driving, turning 21, entering the workforce, and eventually retirement! And through these years, as you’ve probably recognized, your body changes. And this includes your teeth as well as your waistline, eyesight, or hairline. So, from the time when your first teeth starting pushing through your g…Read More

  6. What to do in a Dental Emergency

    Everyone has had those moments when an accident happens and you’re frozen because you just don’t know what to do. Accidents with your mouth or teeth, or if you’re experiencing pain, can be just as scary. The important thing is to not panic and to contact an emergency dentist as soon as possible. When you contact East Pershing Dental in Cheyenne, you can be confident that you’ll get the bes…Read More

  7. How to Naturally Whiten Teeth

    Everyone wants a healthy, bright smile, right? Whether you have a big event coming up and want to brighten your teeth, or it’s just time to refresh your smile, there are several ways you can naturally whiten your teeth. At East Pershing Dental, you can come in to visit our friendly staff for teeth whitening, or you can try these simple solutions at home. But before you try any of these technique…Read More

  8. Best Foods for Oral Health

    When you go to the dentist, it can seem like they always talk about the foods you can’t eat — gum, popcorn, sugary drinks, wine, coffee, candy, steak — is there anything good you can eat? Well, there are actually a lot of teeth-friendly foods that your dentist would love for you to add to your diet. So for your next trip to the grocery store, add these 10 items to your list and you’ll be s…Read More

  9. The Biggest Dental Care Mistakes, Part 2

    In the previous blog post, the Cheyenne dentists at East Pershing Dental took a look at a few of the biggest dental care mistakes you can make. There are so many mistakes, we couldn’t fit them in one blog—so it’s time for Part 2 of the series. Let’s examine some more of the most common dental mistakes that can lead to cavities, gum disease, and poor oral health. You avoid regular dental ch…Read More

  10. The Biggest Dental Care Mistakes

    The Cheyenne dentists at East Pershing Dental could talk all day about the best dental habits—that’s why we’re dentists! But we’re also here to discourage detrimental dental behaviors so your smile can be bright, white, and healthy for years to come. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the biggest dental mistakes you can make, and give you solutions for how to avoid and fix these mistake…Read More